Gangster Squad – Trailer

19 May

Had heard about this film a while back and with the names attached thought it might shape up to be a good gangster / mafia film, and now the trailer has arrived, it looks set to do just that…

Based on the true stories of LA in the 1940’s it looks to showcase the LAPD’s brutal fight against the mafia that had moved from the East Coast (Chicago, New York, etc.) and were now setting up across the West Coast and LA. The film centres specifically around the pursuit of Mickey Cohen, who has now risen through the ranks from Siegel‘s bodyguard to the self proclaimed “God” of LA. Cohen is played by Sean Penn, who portrays him in a sinister and quite convincing aura throughout the trailer (even with his little “bam, bam, bam” impression of Will.I.Am), and hopefully this will transfer to the feature…

As said there were a few names attached to this film and Penn wasn’t the only one, with Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling taking the form of the main men within the police squad created to track down and rid LA of the mafia, with a take no prisoners attitude. If you have seen Drive you will know Gosling can play a ‘menacing cool’ with the greatest of easy and while Brolin is never one to shy away from that laid back, kill you with one luck persona; you can only think the two will make quite a pair. The trailer also shows Gosling hooking back up with Emma Stone, rekindling their onscreen relationship started up in Crazy, Stupid, Love so hopefully the onscreen chemistry will just start straight back up, and give the inevitable love angle some substance…

Put over the Jay-Z track Oh My God (isn’t it the law to have Jay-Z appear in any gangster film trailer) the action packed trailer definitely get’s you wanting more. Now some times the problem with films like these is style over substance (think Public Enemy), and the focus will be the period cars, LA setting and the suits; so definitely hope that won’t be the case with Gangster Squad. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think this one will end up like when it’s released later this year…

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